Dressing Tips for tall, short and Fat Guys

Dressing well is not just about wearing expensive suits. Your choice of dress is really important for you. Your dress can not only make you look good but it can also help you to hide your physical flaws. So, if you are extra ordinarily short, just a few simple things in the choice of your dress can make you look tall and handsome. Similarly, if you are too fat, keeping in mind some basic dressing tips can help you to look lean and smart. Here are some basic tips for men for choosing the right sort of dress according to their physique.

Tips for tall men:

If you are tall, the first most important thing that you should keep in mind is that you should never wear vertical striped shirts. Shirts having horizontal strips should work well for you. If you are not only tall but also lean, you should not wear tight shirts and jeans. Even baggy dress will not work for you. You should wear relatively fit shirts with wide collars and you pants should extend through out your length. In winter, sweaters would be an excellent choice for you but it should not be tight. You should also avoid suits with three buttons because they make you look even taller. One or two buttoned suits should be a better choice. As far as colors are concerned, try not to wear dark colors. It will make you look taller. Using a combination of colors in your dressing is also good for tall guys.

Tips for short men:

If you are short in height, you should not wear long jackets and shirts with wide sleeves. If you don’t want to look short, you should prefer wearing shirts with vertical stripes but keep in mind that the stripes should not be very wide. As far as colors are concerned, you should prefer black and dark colors because they will make you feel tall. Wear suits that have two or three buttons and keep the first button open. As far as ties are concerned, using small knots in ties is also a good dressing technique for short guys.

Tips for fat men

The most important thing that overweight guys should do is to make people look at your face rather than your tummy. Many dressing tips can help you in that. Wearing shirts with pointed collars can help a bit. Belts should be avoided instead you can use braces. You should prefer dark colors in your dressings but the fabric should be thin. Vertical stripes can also make a big difference in your looks. Never wear shirts with horizontal or diagonal stripes.

Tips for thin men

Never wear skin fitting clothes. The other thing you should not do is to wear long and loose shirts. Always prefer short jackets over long jackets. Just as overweight men should use thin fabric clothes, similarly thin guys should wear thick and heavy clothes. Try to avoid vertical stripes because they will make you look even thinner. Horizontal and diagonal stripes in shirts can help you a bit. As far as pants are concerned, you should prefer pants with flat fronts. Try to avoid jeans especially skin fitting jeans.

These are some of the most simple and basic tips that every man should know. So, whenever you go for shopping next time, keep these simple things in mind and choose your dress accordingly.

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  1. KattyBlackyard Says:

    Hi, interest post. I’ll write you later about few questions!

  2. GarykPatton Says:

    I have been looking looking around for this kind of information. Will you post some more in future? I’ll be grateful if you will.

  3. KonstantinMiller Says:

    How soon will you update your blog? I’m interested in reading some more information on this issue.

  4. MarkW Says:

    Hmmm – not sure about all the advise for fat guys.

    1. Try the clothes on at the store – see how they look. Too many big guys don’t want to go through this process and end up buying poorly fitting clothes.

    2. If you are bigger in the chest, than the belly – look for “fitted” shirts or even “Trim-Fit”, “Modern-Fit” or “City-Fit” shirts which taper a little more in the belly, so you don’t look like Omar the Tent Maker sewed your clothes.

    3. If you are flabby in the chest (man-boobs) – you need to get a medium heavy to heavy fabric which will help keep the boys down a bit. If you can – wear an undershirt – one size smaller – to make a cheap girdle – it will help contain some of your, uhmm – “portly carriage”. Under-armor makes some great light weight, absorbant undershirts that do a big man good. And the fabric doesn’t relax like cotton when wet or hot.

    4. When buing T-shirts – don’t buy them small – just buy them with a medium to heavy fabric.

    5. Darker colors and non-horizontal patterns are best. But interesting prints on lighter colors can also keep the eye distracted from the bumpy canvass underneith.

    6. Make sure your tie goes to your belt – do not let a visual space exist between tie and belt – it does nothing but call attention to your belly.

    7. Invest in some collar extenders if you need to – having a bunched up fat roll at your neck is both uncomfortable and ugly.

    8. Wear a belt! Medium width is best – and don’t try that new euro-trashy white belt with white shoes thing – that is not for you.

    9. Experiment with different hair styles (both head hair and facial hair) which bring more attention to your facial features, smile, and eyes. Keep the hair (head and facial) impeccable. The only thing more offsetting than “fat” is “fat and hairy”.

    10. Look confident and make appropriate compliments about others – it will set a postive tone that will increase your confidence.

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